Food Preservation

Why Food Preservatives?


More choices for the consumer


Without some form of preservation, all food will spoil, turning edible items rotten or allowing for the growth of dangerous micro-organisms.  The use of food preservatives play an important role in preventing this from happening, giving all of us safer, higher-quality food, and providing longer shelf-life to increase consumer convenience and reduce food waste.


There are two common types of preservation: Physical and Chemical. Refrigeration, dehydration, freezing or canning are examples of physical food preservation, but these are not always economical or viable.


Chemical food preservation, of which Nutri-Shield is one provider, introduces specially manufactured ingredients to help prevent the oxidation, microbial growth, and spoilage in food.

The Science of Food Preservation

Making our food safer

Food preservation has come a long way from the days of smoking, salting or fermenting our meats and produce. As society has learned more about how biological processes work, we have been able to identify methods and ingredients that do two very important but simple things:


  1. Keep the good stuff good, longer

  2. Keep the bad stuff away


Preventing oxidation is the role of "keeping the good stuff good".  Oxidation, in essence, is when food deteriorates and becomes spoiled.  By adding certain chemicals - safe for human consumption - oxidation is either inhibited or prevented.


Antimicrobials are the preservatives that "keep the bad stuff away". Mold, yeast, and bacteria are the most common culprits, and several chemicals have been synthesized to retard the growth of the microbes on food.


Food preservatives are proven to reduce the risk of food borne infections, decrease spoilage, and preserve the freshness and quality of our food, and are a vital component of feeding society.

Our Patented Process

Using a proprietary, deodorization process, the off-flavors and odors often associated with chemical powders can be eliminated. By applying this technology to food preservatives, a new generation of products is now available for food formulators to utilize when designing preservation systems for new food formulations.

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