Cultured Dairy

Nutritious and Delicious. With a Longer Shelf Life.


Dairy can be an important part of many people's diets, and Nutri-Shield solutions help your business ensure that your products maintain their high quality while they are on the store shelves.


Why do companies rely on Nutri-Shield?  Because our patented process that removes the unpleasant flavors and odors associated with competitors’ food preservatives means that your customers will get the exact quality, taste and aroma that make them loyal to you.  That gives your customers the trust that when they pick up your product from the grocery store, it will be of the highest quality and safety.


Our products are present in almost every dairy industry.  From yogurts to cheeses, ice cream to sour cream, our full line of products is effective against yeast, mold, and bacteria* in several pH ranges**.  We are sure to have a solution that will work with your food products, equipment, and manufacturing technique.




* effective against rope bacteria


** effective pH ranges are 4.5 to 6.5

Use Nutri-Shield for yogurt, ice cream, sour cream, cottage cheese, and more!

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