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Founded in 1988 by Dale Kuhn, Nutri-Shield has provided preservatives to hundreds of companies in the ensuing 30 years.  Headquartered in Topeka, Kansas, and with a Production Facility in Courtland, Kansas, we have proudly served many industries - including human foods, pet foods, beverages, cosmetics, and agriculture - with high-quality, taste- and odor-free food preservation options.


A Korean war veteran, Dale returned to his native Kansas and saw the need for a process to prevent spoilage in the hay being fed to livestock.  His first product came to market soon after, and his interest in food preservation blossomed.  With his vision, he developed several new variations of his process, and was awarded a patent for his unique process to remove the off-putting tastes and odors that were associated with food preservatives at the time.


These patented processes are still used at Nutri-Shield today, and we continue to explore and develop new avenues for ensuring that food products are kept safe and in high quality on the grocery shelves.


In 2018 Nutri-Shield was purchased by NSG, LLC. NSG is a management company that is focused on updating production facilities, new R&D,  maintaining customers, and developing new customer relationships.


Our vision continues to be to provide a quality product at a fair price, while providing great customer service and satisfaction.

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